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Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus • Rough goose neck moss • Electrified cat’s tail moss

Familia: Hylocomiaceae ⇾Genus: Rhytidiadelphus • goose neck moss ⇾Species: Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus – rough goose neck moss Genus name: Rhytidiadelphus • フサゴケ属• fusa goke The name Rhytidiadelphus is based on two Greek words: the Greek rhytis, meaning wrinkle and the Greek adelphos, meaning … Continue reading

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Climacium • Tree Moss

Familia: Climaciaceae ⇾Genus: Climacium ⇾Species: Climacium dendroides & Climacium americanum Genus name: Climacium • コウヤノマンネングサ属 • ko-u-ya-no man-nen gusa zoku (literally “Kouya’s perennial grass” + zoku=genus) About genus: Tree mosses – any of the plants of the genus Climacium -are … Continue reading

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